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#3 - Custom Journey, Bulking & What People Want

Understanding people's desires, the customer journey and why you should be bulk working.

Market the need or want, not the product

Smoothie is the product. Nutrients are the need. A healthy body is the want.

Social media marketing is the product. Relevance is the need. Fans and followers is the want.

Hammer is the product. An easy way to drive nails is the need. A finished back patio is the want.

Nobody cares about your product.

They are about their needs and wants.

The customer journey

Listen → Care → Engage → Buy → Stay

When you’re selling flip flops, customers can move to listen to buy in minutes.

When you’re selling an online course, it could take a couple weeks.

When you’re selling a car, it could take months.

The bigger the investment, the longer it takes to move people along the journey.

The magic is in the “loyalty loop.” The loyalty loop is the cycle between Buy & Stay.

Once somebody buys, it takes significantly less effort to get them to buy again. If you focus on delivering results to those who buy, they’ll be ambassadors to those consider buying.

Your best customers are also your best salesman.

Bulking is best

Bulking alike tasks create insane flow.

Take content creation for example → here’s my content marketing process:

Ideate → Write→ Design→ Edit→ Publish

Instead of taking one piece of content from start to finish, I bulk each phase.

Ideate = 20 ideas

Write out all those ideas.

Design them in Canva.

Review & edit as necessary.

Bulk schedule using software.

Do the same for:

  • Emails
  • Sales calls
  • Presentations

Doing like-minded activity keeps your energy in one direction for flow and excellence.

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