Community for growth-minded entrepreneurs via active Discord / Chat room.

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Discord Community for Growth-Minded Entreprenuers

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Who is this community for?

✔️ You are a growth-minded entreprenuer

✔️ You are full of jam-packed wisdom in your industry

✔️ You are fired up to grow your business but enjoy life as well

✔️ You have big boy influence in your business or company you work for

✔️ You're looking for friends and like-minded leaders as you build your business

✔️ You're looking to encourage and support other business owners in their journey

Who is this community not for?

❌ You typically want more from people than for people

❌ You're just getting started on your entreprenuerial journey

❌ You're looking for a place to promote yourself and or your services

❌ You're a "glass half empty" kind of leader and get annoyed by optimists

❌ Growing your business would be "nice" but it's not really top of mind for you

❌ You are already part of a few other similar online groups that you don't engage in


🤗 Kindness over coldness – everybody entreprenuer has a different skillset, perspective and tension they're navigating. We are here to help each other along those journeys. Be kind every step of the way.

🤝 Collaboration over competition – Your goal is to help someone else succeed and by that, you will succeed. We are a "all boats rise with the ride" kind of community.

🎁 Give over get – Be incredibly generous with your wisdom. To help one person every single day solve a problem is the win of the community.

👏 Connection over attention – Build community, talk to people and start figuring out how you can help them as opposed to how you can get your more eyes on you, your business, product or services.