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#6 - Legacy over Brand, The Power of 90 Minutes, 3 Incredible Software(s).

Why personal brands will eventually die. The power of what 90 minutes of focus can do for your life. 3 softwares you should absolutely be using.

Build a personal legacy, not a personal brand

Twitter and LinkedIn nowadays seem overly obsessed with the notion of building a “personal brand.”

Which is fancy for “I want to build a huge following of my own on social media.”

I’m in no way opposed to the concept of building a social media following. Nor building a personal brand.

But can I recommend a slightly different approach that does both?

Build a personal legacy.

Here’s the difference:

→ Personal brand = about you

→ Personal legacy = about others

All the methods of building can be the same. Social media content to newsletter to products. Sure. Those don’t have to change. But the mindset as to how you build those things changes completely.

One may argue, “well you can’t really build a personal brand if you’re only focused on yourself.”

Agreed. But you can try. And the internet is littered with millions of people putting out content on social media in hopes of getting newsletter subscribers or Gumroad sales but they coat it in “I’m trying to help you.” (But we all smell it, don’t we?)

Legacy is wanting more for people than from people.

Generous for the sake of helping humanity.

Lead magnets so good your people are asking for your Venmo because they want to pay you for the free value.

Books with the motive of simply teaching, leading and empowering more people.

The biggest problem with building a personal brand?

Our world will be littered with graveyards in a few decades.

Graveyards of people who never built anything beyond themselves.

Because when you die, the brand dies.

But legacy.

Legacy lives beyond you.

The 90 / 90 / 1 Method

I saw this online after I finished writing my book, Meaningful Marketing, and then realized this is the exact method I used to write the book.

Every morning at 6AM, I would sit down in my chair to write until 7:30PM. 90 minutes.

I did this for approximately 3 months.

Slightly less than three months actually.

This past May, I was flying back from a conference in California and read a book on the flight. Published by Chandler Bolt.

I had the nuts and bolts of my book outline and I had attempted to write this book before but never had the clear direction.

After reading this — I finished my first book ever.

Since then, I’ve had conversations with many of you about writing a book. In fact, I just got a message from my friend Robert Mallon who just finished his first book too. Amazing!

90 minutes.

90 days.

1 big project.

You’re next.

3 Softwares worth their weight in gold

  1. Google Suite ($12/mo)

For $12 per user per month, you get:

  • Chat
  • Slides
  • Email
  • Cloud Storage
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Video meetings
  • Calendar

It’s honestly insanity. Our entire 7-figure business at MissioDigital.com is anchored in Google Suite. We are all in it all day long.

BrightfulStudio.com is also fully embedded into it.

Best deal on the planet as far as running your business.

  1. Loom ($15/mo)

Loom screen records your front-facing camera + computer screen Picture in Picture. This enables you to personally walk through ideas, slide decks, designs, projects, whatever — without calling a meeting.

Between Loom and Google Chat, you can choose the specific people that need to know something then create a Loom that gives them the exact details they need.

Seth Godin talks about this when writing the Carbon Almanac. He had 300+ volunteers from all around the world contributing content to the Carbon Almanac book and he never once had a meeting.

He created a Slack channel for them to be in and sent Loom videos as the project progressed.

Pro tip:

Any time you create a Loom that solves a problem that’s been asked more than once, save it in a knowledge base for other people in your company to search and watch it later.

That way you don’t have to spend your time solving the same problems for different people all day long.

  1. Asana ($0/mo)

Asana’s free version is so robust and extensive that I had 30+ people running 15+ projects at one time for free when I was a Marketing Director at 12Stone Church.

You can use lists for projects with multiple phases, kanbans for simple card views, and calendars for recurring content.

My favorite feature? Templates.

You can create entire project templates including tasks & descriptions, assignees, due dates, etc.

Say you get a new website for your marketing agency to build.

Create the website template once and for your next project, just click to load the template and bam…

Everything you need to deliver for thie website magically appears with detailed descriptions, whose on the hook for it and their deadline.

Is that not insanity? 🤯

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