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#1 - Scaling Income, Outselling Yourself & The Magic of Volume

Insights on how to scale your income, grow the value you provide to people and outsell yourself daily.

Hello Builder! ⚒️

Welcome to the first issue of the Build Better Newsletter! You’re in from ground zero… kudos and welcome!

I’m glad you’re here! I hope over the years together that I learn as much from you as you do from me. Remember, these emails are a conversation not a presentation.

Please — reply! Share what you’ve been building and learning. That’s the best way for us to continue to grow together.

Let’s dive into this weeks three insights:

Scaling Income vs Static Income

Scaling Income

  • Grows over time
  • Build once, sell twice
  • Not tied to customer deadlines
  • Traditionally small chunks but evergreen

Scaling income is most directly tied to things like books, online courses, digital subscriptions, software, paid for PDFs — things of that nature.

Static Income

  • One-time payment
  • Build once, sell once
  • Tied to customer deadlines
  • Traditionally a large sum up front

Static income is always a time for dollar trade. You give me this much time, I give you this much money.

Neither are wrong. But you may be focusing on one of them expecting the benefits of the other. Be careful what you build. For that’s what you’ll have.

Testimonials will outsell you any day

If you’re looking to build credibility, authority and close rate — testimonials do all three. In fact, I’ve talked to many online entrepreneurs asking “Where should I start?” and this is the exact thing I tell them:

Build then sell

  • Identify the specific problem you solve
  • Clarify who it is that has this problem
  • Solve that problem for those people for free
  • Ask them for a testimonial in exchange for that work
  • Build a basic website that shows your service, testimonials and price
  • Add testimonials every time you get one
  • Start the cost small, then scale your cost as you get more testimonials

People are willing to pay more for more credibility. The more testimonials you have, the more money you can charge.

Value at volume

Value is properly rated. Volume is underrated.

It takes significantly more volume to build anything worth making than you think it will.

If you want to write great marketing headlines, write 20 of them before picking. Not 5.

If you want to grow on social media, post three times a day. Not once.

If you want new clients, send 100 emails a day. Not 10.

If you want to lose weight, run 6 days a week. Not 3.

Volume is putting the work in.

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