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Sunday Six: Air Jordan, ABC Pants, and Note Taking in 2023

Air Jordan, ABC Pants, and Note Taking in 2023

Hey, Friend! 👋

Happy Easter Sunday!

I just wrapped up my first full week at my new job as the Director of Strategy at missiodigital.com. I’m beyond thankful for the transition, new rhythms and fresh challenge that comes with consulting and leading faith-minded leaders in their digital marketing strategy.

Working from home 100% of my schedule has allowed me to invest more time in running and writing (two things I love to do). I will be posting more of my writing on Medium and Twitter.

I also just crossed over 150+ miles of running done so far this year. My goal is 600 miles, which is 100 more miles than last year. I am considering doing another half-marathon or marathon some time this year — any recommendations?

Let’s dive into this week’s Sunday Six!

Sunday Six ☀️

📱 Notion — I’m shocked I haven’t already shared about Notion here yet. Notion is a note-taking app on steroids that I use for practically everything when it comes to:

  • Writing
  • Task management
  • Note taking
  • Project management.

In fact, I am writing this Sunday Six in notion right now (and will edit in the Hemingway app before posting). Notion is light years ahead of any note-taking app by far and I would highly recommend for anybody looking to simplify their software stack into less apps.

Link to Notion here: https://www.notion.so/

👟 Shoe Dog by Phil Knight — This week, I went to see the new AIR: Courting a Legend movie with some incredible friends of mine. It’s the story of how Nike signed Michael Jordan and created the legendary Air Jordan 1 Chicago shoe (which I happened to get for my 30th birthday!).

The movie spurred me on to pick up Shoe Dog, the book, again and begin to page through the story of how Phil Knight built Nike from the ground up.

I’ve read this book 3-4 times. Easily in my top 3 favorite books ever (Next to Steve Jobs biography and The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer).

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3mcyHa1

💬 Quote — “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” - John Maxwell

📚 Emotion by Design by Greg Hoffman — Staying on the Nike train this week, I wrapped up this incredible read from the prior CMO of Nike Brand Image. Hoffman walks through the ideation of many Nike marketing campaigns over the years and behind the scenes stories.

As somebody who is wildly obsessed with Nike (if you can’t tell), it’s a must read to get into the design head of a legend at arguably the greatest marketing company in the world (besides Apple).

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3Ko45Ku

🐦 Tweet — @TheDanKoe

👖 Lululemon ABC Pants — In efforts to upgrade a few staples in my wardrobe, I spent too much time researching but eventually landing on the Lululemon ABC pants to fit my values of high quality, versatile and timeless.

I need a wardrobe that could pair casual but also professional. These pants come with a price tag but I’ve got to say — they’re incredibly comfortable, well-made and destined to last at least 3-5 years.

Highly recommend for working professionals who also want to be comfortable 😄

Link to pants: https://shop.lululemon.com/p/men-pants/ABC-Bonded-Twill-Slim-Fit-Pant/_/prod11450212?color=20111

Thanks for tuning into these weeks Sunday Six!

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