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Sunday Six: Athletic Greens, The Nike Creed & Nomad Goods

Athletic Greens, The Nike Creed & Nomad Goods

Hey There 👋

Happy Sunday! This week I’ve gotten the book that I am writing to 4,087 words. About 10% of the way there (estimating a 40,000 word book). I’ve got a few titles in the works – would you help me pick which one you think is best?

  1. Mission-Driven Marketing: 52 Timeless Principles for Faith-Minded Leaders
  2. Marketing Principles: A Timeless Guide to Marketing That Matters
  3. Meaningful Marketing: Principles To Guide Your Thinking, Strategy & Impact

Thanks for your feedback! Writing a book is as wildly difficult as people say it is. For me, it’s not the writing part but the time part.

Between career, family time, working out, worship and prayer, reading, and making time to write. I’m almost teetering with waking up at 4:30AM instead of 5:15AM just for a season.

I’ve also got bulk Saturday sessions planned to knock out this rough draft in the next 45 days.

That means in the next 6 email newsletters, we’ll go from 4,000 words to 40,000 – you with me!?

Let’s dive in.

Sunday Six ☀️

🍏Athletic Greens - I’ve been looking for ways to gain energy, stay healthy and fuel my body for longevity. I refuse to be a statistic or stigma of the typical 30-year old dad where “your back starts to hurt” and your “metabolism slows down” so you put on weight.

Not buying it. I believe everyone can make healthy choices, be disciplined and put in the work to:

  • Stay strong
  • Build muscle
  • Have wild energy

Athletic Greens is expensive but significantly cheaper than medical bills. I’m 10 days into trying them. While I don’t notice any crazy immediate changes, I’m playing the long-game.

Link to Athletic Greens: https://athleticgreens.com

Nomad Apple Watch Band – I spent a bit of time Saturday morning researching nice leather bands with my wife for my Apple Watch. I currently wear the Apple Watch Ultra with the Trail Loop running band.

The watch is incredibly classy and beautiful. I wanted to put a premium leather band in my rotation for when I go out. I feel like a nice watch takes the way you present yourself from an 8 to a 9.

I almost went the typical Amazon route but wasn’t finding anything quality worth buying. I found this genuine leather band on Nomad Goods for an incredible price. Can’t wait to try it out.

Link to Watch Band: https://nomadgoods.com/products/modern-leather-band-brown-black-hardware-44mm

💬 Quote – “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

📚 Build by Tony Faddel – Tony Faddel is one of the legendary industrial designers that played a huge role in designing the iPhone, iPod and Nest thermostat system. His book “Build” is basically a mentor in a box that gives advice towards:

  • How to start a company
  • How to run a company
  • How to build something meaningful in unorthodox ways

Here’s a piece of advice from the book:

“When you’re looking at the array of potential careers before you, the correct place to start is this: ‘What do I want to learn?’ – not how much money do I want to make or what title do I want to have.”

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3ON0Ksj

📄 The Nike Creed – I came across the Nike business creed online and the “10 rules” lived by in the Phil Knight of building the 9-figure company. Here’s the list but feel free to save the image:

  1. Our business is change.
  2. We’re on offense. All the time.
  3. Perfect results count – not a perfect process. Break the rules: fight the law.
  4. This is as much about battle as about business.
  5. Assuming nothing. Make sure people keep their promises. Push yourselves. Push others. Stretch the possible.
  6. Live off the land.
  7. Your job isn’t done until the job is done.
  8. Dangers: Bureaucracy. Personal ambition. Energy takers vs energy givers. Knowing our weaknesses. Don’t get too many things on the platter.
  9. It won’t be pretty.
  10. If we do the right things we’ll make money damn near automatic.

💬 Quote – “Discipline out works talent when talent doesn’t have discipline”

Thanks for tuning into this week's Sunday Six!

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