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Sunday Six: Bullet Journal, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Zelda

Bullet Journal, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Zelda

Welcome 👋

Hey friends! A special welcome to all the new people here on the Sunday Six newsletter 😄

This week’s edition of the Sunday Six is definitely more on the chill side. Most weeks, I spend an ample amount of time consuming books, podcasts and inspiring videos.

I really pulled back and went into “zone out” mode. I’m navigating some life change this week (which I will tell you about on next week’s Sunday Six 😉) and it has taken up a huge amount of my:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Mental Capacity

With that, I’ve needed an opportunity to:

  • Pull Back
  • Relax
  • Find comfort

Enjoying the things that inspired my week that I dove into.

Sunday Six ✍️

🎸 Switchfoot: Vice Verses — This album is pure nostalgia for me. I love the ripping guitar tones, meaningful lyrics and classic 2011 vibes to it. I needed something that different feel so 2023. Jon Foreman always hits me in the feels, too.

💆‍♀️  LoFi Girl Playlist — The is my classic go-to playlist for any work I am doing. In fact, I am listening to it right now as I write this Sunday Six. Perfect for slowing down, thinking and avoiding distraction.

🔫  Bullet Journal — I completed another Moleskine journal and am actually trying a new journal out.. the official Bullet Journal. I have to say, the quality is fantastic and truly caters to how I use day to day notebooks. Highly recommend.

☕  Counter Culture Hologram — This week’s brew was many Chemex cups of this insanely good coffee. Light to Medium roast, organic and affordable for how good it is. I’ve never had a bad cup of Counter Culture.

💪  Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger — As I mentioned last week, I am inspired deeply in my fitness journey and have been spending more time at the gym and hitting runs than usual — even in this busy week. This autobiography is a great week to engage in a story and stay inspired.

⚔️  Zelda: Link’s Awakening — I bought this game a couple months ago to try it out. I’ve not been able to put it down this week (see how often I play games..) — I absolutely love the friendly design, ease to play and accollade driven achievements. Games is a fantastic way to zone out for me!

Thanks for tuning into these weeks Sunday Six!

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