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Sunday Six: Daily Rituals, Figma & Malcolm Gladwell

Daily Rituals, Figma & Malcolm Gladwell

Hey Friend 👋

Happy Sunday! I am writing this from the beautiful beaches of 30A, Florida. We just wrapped up day one of our family time off where we:

  • Enjoyed 82 degree weather in the sun
  • Devoured homemade burgers
  • Got a Lego “island theme” set to put together

Here are my goals for this week’s time off:

  • Rack up at least 5-8 hours of sun time daily with my family
  • Never check my email
  • Cook an incredible steak (from Hopewell Farms)
  • Play Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • 15,000 steps per day of pure sandy beaches

Next weeks Sunday Six I’ll be sure to have an incredible tan and lots of great inspiration for you from this rest trip. I also brought a few books with me. Can’t wait to let you know which ones are worth sharing about 😄

Sunday Six ☀️

🖥️ Figma — If you’re a web designer, you’ve probably heard of Figma. I’ve used Figma quite a bit before but this week I deep dove into it to create a streamlined process for websites for BrightfulStudio.com and MissioDigital.com.

Something I came across was the Figma Community. This is where thousands of designers create and post designed templates for Websites and Mobile Apps. It’s incredibly generous and the designs are inspiring.

The collaboration on Figma is almost seemless as well. I’m working with multiple people on designs and it’s insane how real-time it works together. To the point where thousands of people are using Figma for all their designing needs, not just web.

Link to Figma: Figma.com

📚 Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey — This book is curated curiousity. Mason Currey outlines the daily routines of famous poets, writers, artists, designers and the like. Most of them are from 50-100 years ago so the book isn’t super applicable to today. But, it is a fascinating piece to see how polar opposite people’s daily routines are.

Spoiler alert = bad habits and horrible life spans riddle this entire book. The idea that drugs and alcohol made life worse but art amazing was beyond acceptable.

Today I believe you can have both.

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3WalGeE

🤳 RobertMallon.com — Robert has been my close friend and mentor of mine for many years. He is the one most impactful people in my life. Through his friendship and coaching, I can truly say I’m a better person and proud of who I’m becoming.

Brightful Studio (my team and I) had the honor of working on his new website which launched this week! Check it out and give Robert some support 😄

Link to website: RobertMallon.com

💬 Quote — “Most distractions come disguised as good opportunities”

In my 20’s, I said yes to a lot of things. The notion of exploring interests and passions was okay. It’s cliche but as I hit my 30’s, its true that one of the immediate tensions is shifting from the exploration phase of life to the building phase of life.

If you’re going to build anything that’s actually meaningful, you have to say no to trying to build a million other things. I.e. good opportunities.

Things that seem like they’re worth your time, but all they’re doing is distracting you from the pursuit that’s actually worth your time. That book you’re writing. The business you’ve always wanted to build. The small group you’re leading. Deep relationships with those around you.

Whatever it is, don’t let “good” things distract you from great things.

✍️ Thought by James Clear

"10 years or 1 hour. Those are the two time frames worth prioritizing.

10 years is shorthand for thinking longer-term than nearly everyone else and doing things that are really ambitious or meaningful. Most of the deeply meaningful things in life require long time horizons: building a business, cultivating a happy marriage, growing a family, getting in the best shape of your life, etc.

How do you work toward the 10-year things? In 1 hour increments. 1 hour is shorthand for doing things that can be accomplished from start to finish in a single session like a good workout, a good writing session, reading a chapter of a book, going on a fun date, etc. The key is that you finish with something accomplished, not with half-work still waiting to be completed.

If you spend 1 hour working toward a 10-year project—and you repeat this day after day—you're going to end up living a lovely life."

Link to James Clear newsletter: JamesClear.com

📖 The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell — Ironically, I’ve barely read any Malcolm Gladwell books… I’ve most listened to them on audio (audiobooks is not the same thing as reading IMO — different skillset, focus levels, retention of information and brain benefits — but that’s for another day).

But coming back to this many years after hearing it for the first time (but this time reading it), I find myself entrenched in Gladwell’s captivating techniques to suck a reader into a story.

Especially with such hard topics… tipping point specifically is about small things that have made huge changes. Things that have tipped the scales seemingly under the radar.

Wildly fascinating. It’s also beautiful to see a master writer at work. I can’t wait to dive into his writing MasterClass. Who better to teach it? 🙂

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3pHrEre

Thanks for tuning into these weeks Sunday Six!

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