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Sunday Six: Gatsby, Saunas & Watches

Why is classic fiction so good? Are saunas THAT life giving? How long have watches been around?

Hello Friend 👋

You having an incredible Sabbath Sunday so far? I was up bright and early at 5AM this morning to serve at my local church. Had a blast hanging out with the worship team today.

Afterwords, came home with the fam and we went to the park to have a picnic. The weather was insane.

Did you know today is the first official day of Fall!? Now were in full-swing Football and Pumpkin Spice Latte season ☕

My plans for the rest of the evening?

  • Start a new novel (Slaughterhouse Five)
  • Cut up a juicy watermelon
  • Hang with my wife

I’ve been super into classic fiction (as you’ll see here shortly…) and am actually meeting a couple of my best friends for a book club in a few weeks to have coffee and chat classic fiction.

The Finer Things Club.

Except no tea and we’re all pretty punk rock. (Except for me.)

If you’re struggling to read on a consistent basis, two tips:

  • Read what you love (not what everybody else tells you to read)
  • Read with people (meet once a month to chat about it)

You’ll blow through so many books.

Speaking of books, an update on my book….


Release date is set for November 15th!

Mark your calendars because I am going to ask each one of you to buy it, rate it and enjoy it 🙂 haha!

You guys have overwhelmed me with support. Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea what it means to me.

Now, onto the Sunday Six shall we?

Sunday Six ☀️

📚 The Great Gatsby — Classic fiction has been like comfort food for me lately. Did you know that The Great Gatsby was released in 1922? Literally 100 years ago.

It is so soothing to transport your mind to a simpler time. Reading classic fiction like this also puts into perspective how long we’ve been navigating the same tensions.

  • Loneliness
  • Busyness
  • Anxiety

We think these are new problems caused by the internet and media.

Our culture is just a symptom of problems that have been happening for millennia.

If you want to solve modern problems, use ancient wisdom.

And if you want to enjoy stories that aren’t riddled with the tension of today’s culture. Read old books.

Order book here: https://amzn.to/3EVKNd2

💬 When to be optimistic —

"Optimism early, pessimism in the middle, optimism late.Your starting position has to be somewhat optimistic or you'll talk yourself out of getting started. Believing in what you are about to do does not guarantee success, but a lack of belief can prevent it.Once you've committed, pessimism becomes useful. Question things. Find holes in your plan. Hold yourself to a high standard and try to identify your mistaken beliefs before they become your misplaced actions.After you've spent some time troubleshooting, it's back to optimism again. Nothing will ever be perfect, but you have to act anyway. Progress requires the courage to forge ahead despite the inevitable obstacles."-James Clear

🧖‍♂️ The benefits of the sauna — My friend, Blake Godbee, launched the Happy Healthy Strong newsletter that has been chalk full of health wisdom in there.

I was blown away by the benefits of the Sauna…

Sweat now, live forever:

🩸Heat-Induced Vasodilation: Sauna heat causes blood vessels to dilate (expand), increasing blood flow and circulation. This helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body.

❤️ Increased Heart Rate: Saunas elevate heart rate, similar to the cardiovascular response during moderate exercise. This effect can provide a workout for the heart and cardiovascular system.

💦 Sweating: The high temperature in saunas induces sweating, which is the body's natural cooling mechanism. Sweating helps eliminate toxins and impurities from the body, promoting detoxification.

Check out his newsletter here: https://wellbeings.ck.page/555cb26558

✝️ The one book you need to read — David Perell is one of my favorite writers ever. One of his most popular blogs ever is where he recommends the one book nobody ever recommends: The Bible.

This isn’t some Jesus Juke or attempt to convert people. How his article explains how foundational the Bible is to humanity is unparalleled.

Nobody wants to recommend the Bible to non-believers but it doesn’t make any sense why you wouldn’t because it’s full of ancient wisdom and history that our entire culture and wiring is influenced by still.

“So much of our worldview unconsciously rests on Christian ideas that I describe them as the dark matter of Western civilization.“
“Even if you reject Christianity, the Bible is filled with stories that contain more depth than just about anything written today.“

It’s not about converting yourself.

It’s about equipping yourself with wisdom that has stood the test of time and never shook.

Wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

Here’s the full article: https://perell.com/essay/the-book-you-need-to-read/

⌚ Watches for beginners — I’ve been infatuated with the idea of watches lately. The way they are made. The culture around them. The movements in them.

This luxury piece of human status has been floating around since 1480… thats practically 600 years of innovation over a piece that tracks the one essence of life we cannot grasp… time.

Due to my curiosity, I came across this video that explains the in's and out’s of the industry and infrastructure of how watches are made today.

Incredible walkthrough of 28 minutes of pure knowledge for you to know what you’re talking about when it comes to watches.

Get up to speed with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFjYt66h_i4

🗨️ The DON’T DO Habit Tracker - Leo Tolstoy talks about the infamous habit tracker of Einstein. Where instead of tracking the things he wanted to do, he tracked the things he DIDN’T want to do.

Because Einstein understood human nature and that, becoming who you desire to become is less about doing new things and more about self-control.

So a modern list in 2023 would look like:

  • Eat junk food
  • Scroll social media
  • Get angry with kids
  • Buy something on Amazon

Everyday that you do one of those things, you have to check the box.

Its also reverse psychology … the more times you check that box the more you see yourself becoming the person you don’t want to become.

Consider creating your own DON’T DO Habit Tracker.

What would be on it? 😄

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