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Sunday Six: Hemingway, Canva & Hopewell Farms

Hemingway, Canva & Hopewell Farms

Hey Friend 👋

Happy Sunday! Here are a few questions I am reflecting on as a I jumped into May of this year, starting tomorrow…

  • What is one thing I could tweak to my daily routine to gain more energy?
  • What is one thing on my “recurring” list that doesn’t add value anymore?
  • How do I create more margin to do my passion projects?

These questions are helping me curate bigger questions I’m tinkering with in my head. Being 4 months into my 30’s — I am still floating with the idea of “Explore in your 20’s, build in your 30’s.”

As I am stepping out of that exploration phase, I want to make sure what I am building in my 30’s is what last towards my life and legacy. This is all 30,000 foot view big picture thinking but it’s wildly helpful for me.

Enough of that. Let’s get nitty gritty in the Sunday Six!

Sunday Six ☀️

🐓 Hopewell Farms — For the past two years, I’ve explored with all kinds of diets — Vegetarian, Plant-Based, Keto, Mediterranean — and the most consistent one I stuck with is Plant-Based Whole Foods.

Not because I don’t love a good steak, but because I can’t stand all the chemicals and garbage put in processed meats & dairy.

A couple months ago, I did a farm tour at Hopewell Farms in Gainesville, GA with my family. We were blown away by Phil’s (the owner) dedication to grass fed, grass finished and 100% clean, no chemicals ever around his farm.

This week, I placed another order of chicken, steak and ground beef. Thank you Phil & Hopewell Farms for making it to possible for me to eat the protein I want without the garbage I hate. 😄

Link to Farm:

🖌️ Canva — Canva is $40 billion dollar software company that is an online design tool. You’ve probably heard of it even if you’re not into design. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Canva: Love it because it’s so easy to use & design, hate it because Photoshop is still king for professionals.

I’ve been in both camps. I’m sticking my flag in the love camp... for three reasons:

  • The Canva app across devices makes great design possible everywhere
  • Having access to elements & icons within Canva saves me hours of searching and editing
  • The “Brand Hub” allows me to store typography and color palettes with a click-away

A great designer is only made better by the tools they use but the tools don’t make the design. In this case, I put my vote for Canva as a great tool.

Link to tool:

📚 How I Built This by Guy Raz — I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of Guy Raz interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever step food on this planet. I had no doubt to the enjoyment I’d get from this book.

Here is a great quote from the book so far:

“The intersection of personal passion and problem solving is where good ideas are born and lasting businesses are built”

Link to book:

💭 Quote“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will” - Greg McKweon

✍️ Hemingway App — Did you know that for your writing to be as effective as possible for 99% of the people on this planet, it has to be written in a 3rd to 5th grade level max? Translation: simplicity and clarity are king.

I bought the Hemingway app for $20 a long time ago and realize just how much I use it. I edit all of my writing (including this newsletter) in there for readability, simplicity and even verifying that I am writing at a 3rd to 5th grade level. Great tool for effective writing.

Link to app:

💬 Quote“Whoever is having fun, wins”

What it doesn’t say is “whoever is getting things done, wins.” — not to say that getting things done isn’t fun but if you’re miserable while you’re doing what you do. You lose regardless.


Thanks for tuning into these weeks Sunday Six!

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