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Sunday Six: Kindle, Ted Lasso & Significance

Kindle, Ted Lasso & Significance

Hey there 👋

Happy Sunday! I’m wrapping up my week with a quick review of this past week and a look forward into the next. A few things I always outline are my majors and minors.

  • What are the major work, health, & relationship things I need to be focusing on?
  • What are the minors?

Majors for me would be things like:

  • Consulting new clients weekly with Missio
  • Scheduling time & sitting down to work on my book
  • Never missing 2 days in a row of workouts or quiet time with Jesus

Minor things may be like:

  • Putting together a new content strategy for our marketing plan
  • Outline a publishing schedule
  • Meal plan for the week to help my stick to a meaningful diet

They’re all good things but not all good things should be your majors. I find that when I don’t signify the true importance of each thing I am doing, I end up trying to do it all and only knocking out the minor things.

Put in time for major tasks, fill in your backlog with minors after the majors have been addressed.

Those are real tasks for my upcoming weeks 😅 one day I’ll show you how I organize my physical notebook to manage all my tasks, projects and day to day. Would that be helpful for you?

Sunday Six ☀️

🐦  Tweet of the week – @HeyJimBurgess

  1. Don’t stay up late for something you wouldn’t wake up early for.
  2. When in doubt do what the most courageous version of you would do.
  3. Having clear core values defined will inform your motivation for goals as they will be deeply aligned with your belief system

⚽  Ted Lasso – This week wrapped up the series finale of one of the top 3 favorite shows of all time for me. Friends, The Office, and now Ted Lasso. No spoilers, I promise. Ted Lasso is full of optimism, whit and heart-warming stories.

I don’t watch a ton of TV but I anxiously awaited every Wednesday night for the last 12 weeks to thoroughly enjoy every episode of this past season. The cinematography is insane. The intertwined stories are captivating and the eff bombs are many. But don’t worry. It’s all tasteful. Sort of. 😅

📗  Kindle for iPhone – One of the greatest “hacks” that I’ve been especially abusing lately is having the Kindle app on my iPhone. So instead of scrolling Twitter or checking email throughout those little pockets in the day — I read.

It’s amazing. It has helped me get an extra hour or two of reading in this week. I average a book in about 5 hours so by having this app on my phone I’ll literally end up reading an extra book a month. Which will be 12 books per year. 🤯

📚  The Song of Significance by Seth Godin – Speaking of reading books on Kindle, this is the book I’ve been going through. Seth Godin breaks down how to tackle team culture and building something meaningful in today’s world of scale, AI and technology.

It’s wildly fascinating if you’re an entrepreneur, business-minded or an executive leader in your organization. Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

“The race to the bottom offers low prices, average quality, and plenty of room for excuses about our lack of humanity and a focus on the short term.”
“An organization of any size can effectively move forward by asking, ‘What do humans need?’ What will create significance for those who interact with us?”
“Significance requires test, and trust comes from consistently keeping our promises.”

Link to Book: https://amzn.to/3N9SxgI

💬  Quote of the week

“The planet does not need more successful people, but it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind.” - David Orr

🖊️  How To Write A Book in 30 Days – As I’ve mentioned a few times in this newsletter, I am currently working on writing my first book. I need to submit my manuscript to my editor in Mid-July, so you could say I am on somewhat of a time crunch to write this book.

That deadline was intentional though. I know I can finish writing this book in the next 30 days. In fact, here’s a video I stole from Ship 30 for 30 where they outline a very similar process to what I am using to move my book forward in this timeframe.

Brainstorm → MindMap → Outline → Rough Draft → Self Edit → Professional Edit → Format → Design → Publish

I am currently in the rough draft phase. I’ll be moving to the “Self Edit” phase by the end of this month.

The key is not to be rushed, but focused.

Link to Video:


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