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Sunday Six: Noom, Derek Sivers & Chase Bliss

Noom, Derek Sivers & Chase Bliss

Hey There 👋

Happy Sunday! To be honest, this week’s Sunday Six is a little difficult to write as far inspiring things I believe worth sharing. I’ve intentionally focused on just a few things this week — working and playing.

Working → Missio, Brightful Studio, writing my book.

Playing → Time with my guitar, reading fiction, running.

Usually my week is filled with some podcasts, reading non-fiction, writing and chatting on Twitter — I didn’t do that.

I took a step back. Worked hard then went for a run or picked up my guitar. I spent the majority of my reading in fiction and didn’t listen to any podcasts or tweet.

It was wonderful. I’ve been really leaning into doing things that make me feel like a kid again. Not in an immature way, but in a free way. It helps my mind slow down and truly enjoy all the things I do instead of trying to crunch it all together.

Even with a down week, I still managed to dig up those gold nuggets sprinkled throughout my week. Enjoy 😄

Sunday Six ☀️

🍽️ Noom — Noom is a weight loss app that is focused on sustainability and building good habits as opposed to being on a temporary diet you’re suppose to break once you hit your weight goal (that never made sense to me?).

I’ve been using it to intentionally help me dial in my eating habits (and shedding a few pounds wouldn’t be the worst thing).

Honestly, any app that helps you track your food, water and exercise for an extended period of time is worth doing for 3-6 months at some point in your life. Doing an exercise like this makes you hyper-aware of what you’re truly consuming, how dehydrated you likely are and the movement you could be getting in.

This is just the app that I have found simple, easy and effective.

link to app: noom.com

✍️ Overstuffed by Seth Godin

“The empty part of the drawer is what makes it a useful tool. Same goes for a filing cabinet, a toolbox and a calendar. Slack is underrated.” — Seth Godin / Overstuffed — Blog Post

Link to blog post: https://seths.blog/2023/06/overstuffed/

📚 Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers — Derek is one of my favorite authors alongside Ryan Holiday, Seth Godin and John Mark Comer. One of the reasons I love his writing so much is because he writes with masterful brevity.

Short. Sweet. To the point.

Derek Sivers has written quite a few very small books that are packed pound for pound with great wisdom. Hell Yeah or No is a collection of thoughts about what’s worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen.

Here are three quotes I love from the book:

“Time spent doing one thing is time not spend doing something else.”
“All the best, happiest and most creatively productive times in my life have something in common: being disconnected.”
“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Link to book: https://amzn.to/46h16xT

🐦 Tweet“Stop measuring effort. Start measuring results.” — @willthomson__

💬 Quote by James Clear“People usually judge you based on where you are at currently, not what you could become eventually. Don't let one comment stop you from trying. File it away or use it as fuel. Focus on getting better. Someone else's analysis of your current position doesn't tell you anything about your current potential.” - James Clear

📽️ Chase Bliss Mood MKII by Knobs — This week I joyfully dug into a deep hole of YouTube guitar videos getting some inspiration for tones and just playing my guitar. I mentioned, I’ve been intentionally making more time to do things that make me feel like a kid again.

There is a YouTube channel called Knobs that is like ASMR but for guitar pedals. No talking, just clean demos of guitars and it makes every demo feel like a dream of abstract ambient music.

I had this specific video of him demo’ing the Chase Bliss Mood MKII for 22 minutes of pure joy. I looped this video three times for a one hour writing session. Even if you don’t play guitar, these videos are amazing for quiet focus.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EThN8EGmtU

Thanks for tuning into this week's Sunday Six!

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