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Sunday Six: Ryan Garcia, Opus Pro & Huberman Labs

Ryan Garcia, Opus Pro & Huberman Labs

Hey Friend 👋

Happy Sunday! I hope you had an incredible weekend. I’ve been putting some miles in this week running in the beautiful weather happening in Georgia right now. Here’s a snap shot of my Strava (running app).

18.4 miles this week. Almost hit the **200 mark **for the year. I’ll hit that next week 😄


Two habits you’ll see me investing deeply into over the next year and beyond: running & writing.

I’ve found that I am at my best mentally and physically when I am consistently doing those two habits. Speaking on writing, alongside my Sunday Six — I put out other long-form content on Medium.

Here’s one of my recent articles: Why I Left My Dream Job As A “Marketing Director” At A Megachurch

Sunday Six ☀️

📬  James Clear 3-2-1 Thursday — It’s no shock that JamesClear.com is one of my the most popular newsletters on the internet. Here is a thought from James Clear that stuck out to me.

"It's hard to build momentum if you're dividing your attention.”

Here’s another thought from the newsletter but from Rick Rubin:

"If you need 10 of something, make 30. Then pick the best.”

Link to newsletter: JamesClear.com

🤖 Opus Pro AI — AI has been exploding and rightfully so. While I have my thoughts on AI’s ability to have creative taste and discernment (it doesn’t 😉), I do believe in it’s tremendous power to curate menial tasks at rapid pace.

Opus Pro is a tool I’ve been testing to chop up longer form YouTube content into short TikTok clips. It’s been working beautifully in my tests. Amazing for content creators who need drip content in their marketing strategy.

Link to AI: https://www.opus.pro

👟 Nike Invincible Run 3 — This week my running mileage has mostly hit the newest pair of shoes in my rotation: the Nike Invincible Run 3. I’m big into max cushion shoes that give me a great bounce and floating experience. Highly recommend.


Link to Shoe: https://swoo.sh/3HaJo3X

🥊 Ryan Garcia — For the past few weeks, I’ve been deep diving into YouTube fitness videos to help me curate workout and meal regime to use in my own life for body types and lifestyles I aspire to be like.

I ended running into Ryan Garcia’s YouTube channel, went down the rabbit hole of his videos, watched his big fight against Gervonte Davis last night (Sorry for the loss, Ryan!) and am truly inspired by this young athlete.

An incredible boxer, disciplined individual and fantastic online creator. He’s worth a checkout!

Link to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaVIKOexO3N_6Sdl-Zug0Kg

☀️ Huberman Lab Morning Routine — Huberman Lab is a science-based podcast that helps you live a healthy and stronger life. Through an interview with Chris Williamson, Andrew Huberman takes 10 minutes to walk us through his science based morning routine which included:

  • Getting natural Sun immediately ☀️
  • Walking 🚶‍♀️
  • Drinking water 🌊

These 3 tips to an immediate wake up fuel crazy energy for the rest of his morning of work, writing and thinking. Who knew God made everything we need for energy and life? 😄

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-ezOLT2Kv0&t=184s

📚 Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller — If you’ve been in marketing or sales for any sort of period over the last 5 years, you’ve probably read this book. I blew through half of it again on my Kindle this week as I’ve been head deep in:

  • Writing some new marketing collateral
  • Designing website landing pages

If you’ve never read this book, it’s a very simple walkthrough of reframing your company or organization’s brand offer into a story framework to simplify and communicate clearly how you can serve your people well.

To be honest, when I first read this book some years back… It all felt pretty cliche but as I’ve seen it work with others and I’ve used it myself. I’m beyond for it. Highly recommend.

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3V2btjB

Thanks for tuning into these weeks Sunday Six!

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