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Sunday Six: Sunday Six: $4M Business, Rob Dyrdek & The 3-Hour Routine

$4M Business, Rob Dyrdek & The 3-Hour Routine

Hello Friend 👋

Happy Sunday! I’m closing in on wrapping up the rough draft of my first book ever... wow, what a journey it’s been!

I’m currently at 28,941 words. I’ve got a few more chapters to finish writing this week. Next week I will do a run through of the entire book to self-edit before it goes my to my editor.

Incredibly exciting! Thank you for everybody who has been rooting and cheering me on. Means so much to me 🙏

You’ve also been asking… what’s the official title!? Here it is:

Meaningful Marketing: 42 Simple Principles To Build What’s Worth Making

And of course, you already know the legend Jonathan Maloney is art directing and designing the entire book — so if anything, at least the art will be good even if the book stinks 😅

You’ve also been asking — when are you going to release the book?

October / November of 2023.

In fact, I will actually build a launch team. People to help cheer it on, build the first one’s to get it and help it become an Amazon Best Seller! (Woot) More info on launch team to come.

Let’s dive into this week’s Sunday Six!

Sunday Six ☀️

💰 The $4M Business Plan — You may be unaware of the infamous Justin Welsh. He’s spent the last five years building his personal brand online and scaling his digital company to $4M in revenue with 94% margins and one employee — himself.

He is an avid tweeter and a major pioneer of the “Soloprenuership” movement. He tweeted this dead simple $4M business plan:

Write Good Tweets → Link to Article → Link to Product → Ask to Buy → Deliver

He has Twitter threads and paid courses that break all of this down. But at the end of the day, it is that simple.

Justin is a wealth of resources that I’ve been following for a long time.

Link to website: justinwelsh.me

🎙️ Building a Daily Writing Habit with Todd Henry — The writing we’re talking about here isn’t public consumption writing but more so, private reflective writing.

In this podcast, Todd Henry breaks down the journey of a daily reflective writing habit:

Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom

Data combined in a useful way to discern becomes information.

Information combined in a matter useful for making decisions becomes knowledge.

Knowledge acted upon is wisdom.

Our goal is to move move knowledge to wisdom.

Link to Podcast: https://www.toddhenry.com/ac/how-to-develop-a-daily-writing-practice-2/

🎙️Modern Wisdom Podcast with Rob Dyrdek — Many of you know Rob Dyrdek as the T.V. Show tyrant and professional skateboarder — most famous for Ridiculousness and Rob & Big.

What I didn’t know was that Rob spent the last ten years of his life:

  • Working out daily
  • Quitting alcohol and sugar
  • Mastering investing and business
  • Optimizing his calendar for his happiest life

This podcast is incredibly inspiring and he’s done a wonderful job investing in himself. Along the way, he got married to his dream wife and they now have two kids.

Hats off to you, Rob. So proud of you!

Link to podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEQvFT5EQ-8

💭 My Thoughts on Threads vs Twitter — One week into Threads, I am already pivoting back to Twitter as my main social media platform, here’s why:

  1. The algorithm for Threads is the same as Instagram & Facebook: horrendous. I scrolled and counted through 79 posts from people I don’t follow before I saw a post from somebody I do follow.

That’s like being at a party where literally all of my friends are and the host keeps introducing me to new people and I never end up getting to see my friends.

  1. Threads is another Meta repost platform. Meta (the company that owns Facebook, Instagram & now Threads) rewards their users with algorithm boosts and larger engagement based primarily off video content, then pictures then text.

While Threads is suppose to be a text-centric platform, the algorithm pushes video and photo much more than text.

Which has caused users to simply repost their Instagram content over, so your Threads feed looks like a worse version of your Instagram feed. Just with significantly less features and ads (that will come in due time).

  1. Threads has re-ignited a taste for this kind of platform, a conversation-driven platform. Instagram is more about consumption, Threads and Twitter are more about conversation. Like a big group text.

But just seeing how Meta took a conversational platform design and just slapped their algorithm and strategy from their other two platforms — I believe its stealing from the reason it exists and people will still crave a conversational platform even more — and Twitter will be there to accept the flock once it happens.

✍️ Nicolas Cole’s Sunday Writing Routine

Sunday morning writing routine (3 hours):

  • Stretch (30 minutes)
  • Journal (30 minutes)
  • Espresso (1 minute)
  • Read literature (30 minutes)
  • Get writing (1.5 hours)

My thoughts — half of the writing battle is thinking, not writing. If you have thoughts to write on, the writing part is easy. There is no such thing as writer’s block, just lack of thinking.

Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/Nicolascole77/status/1680555456530468864?s=20

📚 The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson — This book has been on my Sunday Six many of times. It’s that good and has truly changed my life and business perspective that much.

A few quotes from this book that never get old:

“Earn with your mind, not your time.”
“Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. Save yourself.”
“Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.”
“Intentions don’t matter. Actions do.”
“Wealth is assets that earn while you sleep.”

Link to book: https://amzn.to/46PjbmQ

Thanks for tuning into this week's Sunday Six!

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