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Sunday Six: Threads, Stopwatches & Missio

Threads, Stopwatches & Missio

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I’ve been significantly more intentional about doing my writing and reading outside. “Habit Stacking” is what that’s called. Read a book while getting sun. Double win.

I know there has been ample news about these “record hot days” we are experiencing right now. And while yes, it is hot. Please don’t that as an excuse to skip out on getting outside and enjoying the sun.

There are very few things as beneficial as light to your body. And a healthy body means a healthy mind. That’s my public service announcement for today.

A short short snippet about my book progress: I’m at about 24,000 words right now and less than two weeks left to write. 😬 Crunch time. Let’s go!

Sunday Six ☀️

💬 Quote — “The best way to get things done is to let it go” - Chris Anderson

A long time ago, I sat down with a close friend of mine who gave me advice close to the idea of “once it’s decision, it’s no longer discussion.” Meaning — once you make a decision in your life to run daily or marry your spouse, it no longer is a discussion whether you’re doing it or not.

Move on. You’ve made the decision. Now go do the thing you said you’d do.

I love this advice and I’ve stuck to it for many things in my life, but I realized it’s not applicable across everything. In fact, what I am seeing more and more of in my life is having to re-commit to or eliminate decisions I made prior.

Just because you made a decision to:

  • Start that business
  • Commit to that career
  • Journal every single night

Means that it’s still the right thing for you to do today. There are core decisions like who you’ll marry and variable decisions like where you’ll work. In fact, this thought guided me in my career transition a few months ago.

“Is this still the place I need to be today even though I committed years ago?”

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

🧵 Top 5 creators you should follow on Threads — All the rage is Threads. The new social media platform that hit 30 million users in less than one day. If you haven’t heard of Threads yet, it is Meta’s response to crushing Twitter.

In fact, it is essentially a bare bones version of Twitter. Which I am ecstatic about. I’ve loved Twitter as my primary platform for the last 2 years. I am all for a writing centric platform (like Medium & Twitter).

Here is a thread I wrote about 5 creators you should definitely be following on Threads if you’re into:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth-Minded Leaders
  • Philosophy Thinking

Link to Thread: https://www.threads.net/@alindragu

Ryan Holiday’s Daily Routine — a couple of weeks ago, I listened to a Tim Ferris interview of Derek Sivers, one of my most favorite authors. Derek talked about the idea of a “people compass.”

Your “people compass” are the people you look up to the most. Their life, skills, decisions, values, ideas. Who are those people? What do they do? How do they live their life?

I wrote a few people down for my people compass. One of the people on my people compass is Ryan Holiday. He’s a writer, author, runner, dad, entrepreneur, marketer and philosopher. He hits a wide range of things that interest me immensely.

To take action on my people compass, I started researching, asking and taking note of how those people live their lives. I came across this Medium article breaking down Ryan’s simple daily routine.

Coming from somebody who lives on a farm, has 3 kids, has written 10 books (New York times best sellers) and owns a bookstore in Text — the routine is crucial.

Link to Medium Article: https://baos.pub/i-tried-ryan-holidays-daily-routine-here-s-what-happened-b7d881b6bd79

🚀 The New Missio Marketing Website — I had the honor and privilege of writing & designing the new homepage for the Missio Marketing website. I’m incredibly proud of how it looks and the work we get to do.

It’s officially live, too!

If you’d like to see it, here’s the link: www.MissioDigital.com

📚 Run with Purpose by Jim Weber — Jim Weber is the CEO of Brooks Running Company. He wrote this book walking through how he took a struggling sports apparel brand to a billion dollar behemoth.

The magic sauce to this book is his outlook on brand positioning. Jim’s entire strategy was built around brooks niching themselves into a brand solely for runners. Then niching into solely high end products. Then niching other parts of the business.

He literally kept niching into Brooks built raving fans. A wild read.

Link to book: https://amzn.to/3O64pRq

⏲️ Stopwatch — I’ve been using my stopwatch like crazy for the past few weeks for micro-commitments. And let me tell you, this is a game changer against distraction.

If I want to play guitar for 15 minutes, I set a timer on my watch and play.

Pray for 10 minutes? Sure.

Read for 30 minutes? Yup.

Email for 15 minutes.

Cold outreach for 90 minutes.

Write for 45 minutes.

Whatever it is, setting that timer is literally setting yourself up to solely do that thing for whatever period of time you want. It’s giving you the permission to not get distracted and choose to be where you are.

Thanks for tuning into this week's Sunday Six!

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