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Sunday Six: Wellbeings, Final Fantasy & Warby Parker

Wellbeings, Final Fantasy & Warby Parker

Hello Friend 👋

Happy Sunday! I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table while the kids color and I write. I’m overwhelmingly grateful.

This morning my seven year old, Hailey, attempted to make my Sunday Pour-Over coffee just off watching me all the previous days — (That’s what I call a consistent habit!). I have to say, it wasn’t bad at all 😄

On Sundays, I sleep in a bit more, ease into the morning and slowly crack open my journals. I have two journals:

  • One for reflection and thought
  • One for goals and to-do’s

I start in my reflection and thought journal. I write out all the random thoughts in my head down on paper. It usually takes 5-10 minutes and clears my Sunday head.

Then I outline the tasks for today (which are usually very few — go to Costco, meal prep the veggies, email out the Sunday Six 😉)

Sometimes I read back through my “reflection and thoughts” journal to see what I wrote down during this week (I jot thoughts down every morning and evening). My main goal for this is simply to find any patterns. Patterns that made a day intrinsically better or worse.

This sounds laborious but it’s not. I cannot stress how much writing things down has helped me think clearly and honestly get stuff out of my head. Plus now I’ve seen the habit stack and I have a couple years worth of journals to look through and learn from.

To b-line an update on my book → it is still currently out of my hands! My editor is red inking it like crazy and my good friend, Jonathan Maloney, is working his magic on design. I can’t wait to share covers with you guys! 😄

All editing and design will be done by next month!

Shamless Plug! 🔌

I slightly mentioned this in the last Sunday Six but I have another newsletter for you entrepreneurs out there!

Build Better is a weekly newsletter for leading entrepreneurs. I share 7-figure insights on marketing, sales & brand to build better business and fans.

If that would be helpful to you and your organization, consider subscribing here:

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Sunday Six ☀️

🧘 Wellbeings — My good friend, Blake Godbee, decided to take on the entrepreneurial journey of opening his own business. Brightful Studio had the honor to create the Wellbeings visual brand & website for Blake.

It is officially live and available for you to check out here: gowellbeings.com

Wellbeings is a physical wellness studio opening up in Johns Creek, GA within the next few months. 100% natural therapies to help busy people stress less and stay strong.

So proud of you Blake and all your hard work! 👏

🐦 Typefully — I added LinkedIn to the arsenal of social media platforms I’ve been writing on (alongside Twitter). Typefully is my tool of choice to putting together high-level content for those platforms. It’s amazing 🤩

If you’re serious about:

  • Networking
  • Meeting People
  • Building quality relationships

I highly recommend focusing on two platforms: Twitter and LinkedIn.

And if you’re focusing on those — I can’t recommend Typefully enough.

People always ask — “Alin, what’s your hesitancy with other social media platforms?”

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, etc → those are all consumption platforms. Focused around content. Twitter and LinkedIn are focused on conversation. Chatting and building relationships.

You’ll never remember the hours of content you consume, but you’ll always remember the quality of relationships you make.

Link to software: Typefully.com

🎙️ Joe Rogan + Naval Ravikant Podcast — I cannot stress that is likely the best podcast I’ve heard all year. Top 3 of my life. Naval Ravikant is one of the smartest, kindest and most generous people to walk this earth.

I’ve been obsessed with his work since I read his book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.

In the podcast, Naval drops nuggets for 2 hours. Here are a few of my favorites:

“A bear in the zoo is cool. A unicycle is cool. A bear riding a unicycle is interesting. When you put two things together that shouldn’t be together, you make it interesting.”
“A low-stress life does more for your health than practically anything else. More than your diet, exercise or meditation. How do you think Warren Buffet is 89 year old eating McDonalds and drinking 6 cokes a day!? Low stress.”
“Your brain is like an athlete. The best athletes in the world aren’t doing push-ups and working out 24/7. They rest too. You brain can’t handle the constant information intake you give it — books, podcasts, twitter, email — you need to let it sit, sink in and just process.”

Link to podcast: https://youtu.be/3qHkcs3kG44

⚔️ Final Fantasy 16 — I picked up a PlayStation 5 recently and the brand new Final Fantasy 16 game. I played Final Fantasy games growing up as a kid. It’s all nostalgic to me. This game is an absolute masterpiece and wonderful to play.

I’ve struggled with playing games in the recent years as I’ve seen it as “wasting time” but in efforts to let myself relax a bit more, I’m tapping back into my childhood joys.

Highly recommend.

Link to game: https://a.co/d/cSZhMmm

👓 Warby Parker Try 5 — I’m on video calls and working on my computer for at-least 5-6 hours a day. So I’ve been wearing Bluelight glasses to reduce exposure. I did the Warby Parker Try 5 where you can try five pairs at home (shipped by them) before ever buying any.

The Warby Parker style and quality is fantastic! There are more affordable ones out there but I’ve experienced those breaking rather quickly.

Link to Warby Parker: WarbyParker.com

💰 The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel — One of most original books on money I’ve ever read. It’s not some get rich quick scheme or even tips on how to make money — it’s a book on how humans think about money.

Emotionally. Mentally. Relationally.

Full of incredible stories. Entertaining to read. Eye opening.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

“Money’s greatest intrinsic value—and this can’t be overstated—is its ability to give you control over your time.“
“Getting money requires taking risks, being optimistic, and putting yourself out there. But keeping money requires the opposite of taking risk. It requires humility, and fear that what you’ve made can be taken away from you just as fast.”
“The more you need specific elements of a plan to be true, the more fragile your financial life becomes.”
“Modern capitalism is a pro at two things: generating wealth and generating envy.”

Link to book:  https://a.co/d/5FRWlAT

Thanks for tuning into this week's Sunday Six!

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