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The Very Last Sunday Six...

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Hey Friend 👋

Guess what?

It’s officially here.

My book, Meaningful Marketing, has launched into the world!

But that’s not all…

Within 24 hours, Meaningful Marketing became a #1 Amazon Best Seller! Isn’t that crazy?

It’s been a journey.

7,000 hours learning marketing.
8 years in the industry.
221 hours writing.
36 hours editing.
$1,810 invested.
254 pages.
One idea.

And you can have today for less than $10…

Two quick asks of you:

  1. If you haven’t already, please grab a copy of my book from Amazon. It would mean the world to me.
  2. Leave Meaningful Marketing a 5-star review as fast as possible on Amazon. (It determines whether Amazon recommends it or not)

Stay tuned to the very end of this week’s Sunday Six for a meaningful announcement.

Sunday Six ☀️


The 3-3-3 Method

I am a TYPE-A Driven individual.

I have productivity problems. I am always on a mission to CRUSH my day.

So I needed a method to determine what is a considered a day well-crushed without putting myself down when I don’t accomplish 87 things before noon.

I came across the 3-3-3 method and found it perfect:

  • 3 hours of deep work on one project
  • 3 simple tasks that move the day forward
  • 3 core habits that make you a better human

If I’ve checked off my 3-3-3, then I would consider it a day well done.

Coros Pace 2

In my journey to stay as analog as possible in my life, I got rid of my Apple Watch about a month ago.

The problem is — I like to run.

And I love tracking those runs via Strava.

So I needed a cheap go-to running watch to track those things.

I bought a FitBit a couple weeks ago because it was $70 and could track my runs.

Little did I know that I hate it haha

It overinflates that data like crazy (it thinks I was running at hyper speed) and it doesn’t even show you basic analytics that every runner wants to track.

So I got a Coros Pace 2 off Facebook for the same price. (which is what Eliud Kipchoge runs with)

  • It has battery life for days
  • Analytics are dead on
  • Analytics are super robust and detailed

I highly recommend the Coros Pace 2 for runners.

And if you’re not a runner, why not?

You know your cardiovascular health is the number one determinant to your longevity in life, right?

yeah go for a run. 😉

Your Ikigai

This is one of the most helpful concepts in the world to discovering your purpose and wiring.

Ikigai is a Japanese-concept that merges:

  • What you love
  • What you’re good at
  • What the world needs
  • What you can get paid for

At the center of those four things are your Ikigai.

I’ve done this exercise multiple times where I start 4 columns — one for each section of Ikigai — and just began listing things out.

Then I highlight the things that are in all 4 categories.

That will give you clear direction of where to begin pursuing mastery in your life.

Deep Focus Planner

A couple of weeks ago, I launched the Deep Focus Planner:

A fully templated Notion experience that allows you to focus on everything meaningful and nothing else. Templates include Top 3, To-Do, Goals, Wins, Losses, etc. All design & formatted to filter automatically, store easily and search flawlessly.


  • Daily template
  • Weekly Template
  • Monthly Template

I use this practically everyday to organize everything I am working on.

I hope it is helpful for you.

It’s free.

Snag it up 👇

Attention → Ideation → Action

"Be ruthless about what you ignore. Time, energy, and resources are so precious. You have to be ferocious about cutting your priorities—more than you realize and certainly more than is comfortable.

You can only deeply commit to a few things. One or two? Maybe three?

Every pretty good, sorta nice, kinda fun thing you abandon is like shedding a weighted vest that lets you move at top speed. You were so busy focusing on how much you could carry, you never realized you could run this fast."

James Clear

What you gives you attention to is where your ideas grow.

Where your ideas grow is where your action begins.

Where your action begins is where your habits instill.

Where your habits instill is where your character develops.

Where your character develops is where your future is determined.

Be careful what you pay attention to, for it is who you will become.

Is Threads dead?

A friend texted me the other day and asked me, “Alin, should I be on Threads for my business?”


Threads is dead.

It only breathed life for about 45 days.

Let me explain why.

1 — Threads launched without a desktop app.

The idea of writing “threads” was entirely stolen from Twitter. And anybody who has ever written a thread on Twitter has never done it on the phone. Because Threads are long-form content.

Who in the world is expected to write 300-500 word posts on their phone? No one is doing that.

Which led to the next nail in the coffin.

2 — Nobody actually wrote threads on Threads.

Even though Threads FINALLY launched the desktop app, they accumulated 4 months of user-experience without people actually writing Threads.

This led to the platform not being used in the way that made Twitter explode.

Which led to the next nail in the coffin.

3 — It became and remained an Instagram repost platform.

Because it Threads direct integration with Instagram, they made it seemless to repost your content from Instagram to Threads. Which people took full advantage of. Which meant you ended up seeing the exact same posts from the exact same people just on two different platforms.

Which led to the next nail in the coffin.

4 — Threads became another consumer app instead of conversational app.

The idea of writing based platform is to induce conversation.

Which is why I believe to this day that X (formerly Twitter) is STILL the only true SOCIAL media platform.

All other platforms are just media platforms.

Threads launched with Direct Messages, Tagging, Lists, etc — all the things that help you curate conversation.

They focused on content, content, content.

Meaning they didn’t solve a problem.

They duplicated instagram and stuck a Twitter skin on it.

Which led to the last nail in the coffin.

5 — Elon saw the weakness.

Elon then saw the immature strategy launched by Zuck and took full advantage by:

  • Rebrand Twitter to X
  • Integration Grok AI technology
  • Obliterating Threads and allowing long-form writing on X
  • Deleting bad features to clean it up
  • Launching X premium for a no-ad experience
  • Removing millions of bots

X has grown by 250M users in the last 6 months.

But nobody is talking about.

So, yes.

Threads is dead.

The Very Last Sunday Six

You read the subject line.

It’s true.

This will be the very last newsletter titled as the Sunday Six.


This newsletter is not going away.

I’ve been writing the Sunday Six newsletter since January of this year. It’s been a goal of mine to publish my writing in some form or fashion and I believe writing online like this is one of the best ways to do so.

In fact, I am more a believer of writing this newsletter today than I was a year ago.

It’s been over the year of writing this newsletter that I have learned so much about myself and the people I am uniquely equip to serve.

Sunday Six has been a compilation of somewhat random things that has inspired my creativity, health, and mindset throughout the week and in that I learned a few things…

  • What I write that helps people the most
  • Who the people are the I help the most
  • What their specific problems are
  • What my unique gifting is to help them

It’s my IKIGAI, so to speak.

And big shocker…

The people that I am most uniquely equip are Creators.

People that wake up everyday with an itch to build brands, create content or market something bigger than themselves.

And what resonates deeply more than anything else I write is helping them with marketing, content creation and making money.

This has helped my friends land their dream jobs or even work for themselves full-time. Both are amazing and honestly make me so proud.

I just want people to wake up happy every single day doing the work that fulfills them.

I mean… I literally wake up everyday grateful to work at Missio and create cool crap on the side whether it’s writing my book or sending this newsletter.

So starting next week…

The Sunday Six will become The Creator Ecosystem.

I will teach you everything I know and learn about:

  • Marketing yourself
  • Creating powerful content
  • Making money online and business

I’m incredibly excited.

If you are a Creator and excited for this change, AWESOME! Me too 🙂

If you’ve simply enjoyed Sunday Six and don’t want to be part of the Creator Ecosystem, you are more than welcome to hit the unsubscribe button.

I’ll be really sad to see you go, but I totally understand.

See you next Sunday 😄

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