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#4 - Unqualified Leads, Building Walls & Great Work

How do you deal with unqualified leads? What is great work? and how to find your focus.

What to do with unqualified leads?

You’re on the phone.

They got through your marketing funnel.

You’re stoked for another opportunity.


You realize how wildly unqualified they are to work with you.

It may be:

  • Budget
  • Product Misfit
  • Target isn’t who you best serve

So what do you do now?

Two options:

  • Hang up
  • Help them

My advice? Help them.

Send them a free resource.

Reference a great book they could read.

Give them a few tips on how to solve their problem themselves.

Remember, they are still human.

Business is all relational, never transactional.

How to do great work from Paul Graham

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Paul Graham on how to do great work:

"It's essential to work on something you're deeply interested in. Interest will drive you to work harder than mere diligence ever could. The three most powerful motives are curiosity, delight, and the desire to do something impressive. Sometimes they converge, and that combination is the most powerful of all."

“I’m doing great work, I cannot come down”

Nehemiah 6:3.

The context of this biblical story is that Nehemiah has ignited his people to rebuild the broken down walls of Jerusalem. He created a plan, built a team, found his focus and got to work.

The enemies of the Jews, led by figures like Sanballat and Tobiah, plotted against Nehemiah and attempted to discourage and intimidate the workers. They mocked the project, spread rumors, and even plotted to physically them.

Every moment of them building the wall, they we’re mocked…

“Nehemiah, come down — we want to talk to you!”
“Nehemiah, this looks like trash. Give it up!”
“Nehemiah, we’ve got other things for you to do my brother.”

And what did Nehemiah say?

I am doing great work. I cannot come down.

You are Nehemiah.

You are doing great work. You cannot come down. You have assembled a team. You have ignited your focus. And each of you is laying brick by brick to build the walls of your organization.

You aren’t individually building your own walls. You are all building the same wall.




Next time somebody tries to distract you from the great work you’re building.

Tell them: I’m doing great work. I cannot come down.

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