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#5 - Why You Love Starbucks, Solving Problems & Generosity

Understanding how Alex Hormozi blew up entrepreneurship forever, why solving problems is way more fun than talking about them and why you love Starbucks.

Insane generosity builds businesses 🚀

Last week, business mogul and Author of $100M offers, Alex Hormozi released his new book, $100M Leads, in an unprecedented way. He did a Youtube live stream inviting hundreds of thousands of people to join him on a Saturday evening.

He gave a 90 minute presentation walk through what his book promises to deliver. And a whole lot more.

In fact, what Alex Hormozi did last week was quite frankly one of the most generous business moves I’ve personally ever seen in my life.

Not an exaggeration.

Hormozi gave us literally everything he knows. For free.

He is giving away free courses to teach us everything he knows on how he built his $200,000,000 dollar empire.

Things like:

  • Building the ultimate lead magnet
  • How to get your first 5 clients
  • Mastering cold outreach
  • His exact content system he uses to gain millions of followers
  • The paid ads playbook to skyrocket your business
  • How to partner with affiliates
  • How to get referrals for free

And so much more.

Whether your business is at $30,000 per year, $3M per year or $30M per year — what he is giving away can help you get more leads and skyrocket your growth.

It should also shift the way you think about your business in terms of generosity. I am going to take a wild guess and assume that more people are going to want to work with Alex Hormozi because of his generosity.

So, can I ask you?

How generous is your business? How incredible are your lead magnets? Do your people constantly feel like working with you is an absolute bargain? And not because your price is so cheap but because your value is so high.

We are now all on the hook to level up our perception of “good business.”

In Alex Hormozi’s own words:

Taker = “Buy my thing”

Trader = “Buy my thing — it comes with $1,000 of free bonuses"

Giver = “Here’s $1,000 of bonuses free… wanna try my thing?”

You gain more by giving then asking, than by asking then giving.

Give first. Give fast. Make more. Make longer.

Link to free training on leads: https://www.acquisition.com/training/leads

Do you like to talk about problems? Or do you solve problems? (It’s not the same…)

I had coffee with two very different executives last week.

One of them has been running their company for the last 38 years. Incredibly humble. Very sharp. Also, has great taste in coffee.

The other one stepped into a C-suite executive role a few years ago. Very humorous. Light hearted guy. Also, has great taste in coffee.. 😄

All in all — two solid guys in very similar industries that didn’t seem very different. Until 15 minutes into the conversation.

I love to ask the question: what problem are you trying to solve?

This is the fluff-cutter 2000 🪚 the mighty tool of cutting through all the noise people ramp up with to get down to brass tacks.

Executive Number One = took time to say the problem and spent the majority of the conversation discussing solutions and even brainstorming with me how to fix the problem. It was a wonderful conversation!

Executive Number Two = went on in full detail about the problem, what it is, the history behind it, why it hasn’t been fixed, how long they’ve thought about it and so on and so on.

To get us off the bandwagon of “problem empathy,” I asked — do you want help solving the problem?

And back on the bandwagon of problem empathy we went! Where the hope was that I could simply understand why it isn’t solved. But no solution paths we’re paved that day.

I will say…

You can have a lot more fun and clarity looking for solutions than you can talking about problems. Even trying solutions. Give it a crack. Pivot if necessary. But whatever you do — stop talking about problems. Start solving them 🙂

Why you keep going back to Starbucks.

I am what you would consider a “coffee nerd.”

I own hundreds of dollars of coffee apparatuses such as a Chemex, V60, Fellow Kettle, French Press, Aeropress, Hario Scale. The whole gammit.

I am a huge fan of boutique coffee shops as well… of course. Being just north of Atlanta, we are constantly blessed with great coffee shops on every corner.

But I still go to Starbucks more than anything else. And so do you.

But why?

It’s not just convenience. That’s one factor.

It’s risk. Or the lack there of it.

The Starbucks business model is one that requires absolutely no risk after you’ve been once. It doesn’t matter what state or even country that you’re in. When you order a flat white oat-milk latte from Starbucks, it’s going taste and cost almost exactly the same where ever you go.

Is it the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had? Far from it.

Is it the cheapest cup of coffee out there? Not really.

Is it the most consistent cup of coffee? Absolutely.

The problem with boutique coffee shops is that most of them lack consistency. And consistency is just a by-product of your systems and processes.

If your cup of coffee is dependent on whether Joanna or Shawn is barista today, that means the chance of you getting a repeat customer is completely in the hands of Joanna or Shawn.

But it goes beyond the coffee. When I walk into a Starbucks, I know:

  • The music won’t be too loud or inappropriate
  • The aroma will be coffee (not grilled cheese)
  • It will take slightly longer than I’d hope for but that’s fine
  • It will be a solid 7 out of 10 in taste
  • The chairs and art will be soothing and comfortable
  • The wifi will work strong enough to get me through my next writing session

I don’t know any other coffee shop that delivers a risk-free experience for all of that. Everytime.

But what about you? Is your business a risk? Your clients don’t know what they’re going to get?

Ask yourself → Where can I make our brand experience seem-less for our clients?

Never make them guess again if you’ll deliver what you promise you’ll deliver.

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